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ey People!
If you hit this website to find a good surfing school you may stop now.
This is the GREAT one!
It may sound like and advertisement but this is how I want to thank you for my very first step at surfing:-).
It was AWESOME! Muchas Gracias Paul ;-) Magda, Scotland.

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Welcome to SurfGranCanaria.com

Welcome to SurfGranCanaria.com

Wether you want to go kitesurfing, paddlesurfing or windsurfing on Gran Canaria, here at SurfGranCanaria.com we have it for you.
We ensure you the best price and optimal service and know about the best surf spots and conditions here.
Finally you can reserve your surfing holiday now and book without hassle and full confidence with us here at SurfGranCanaria.com.

KiteSurfing Course

 Learn kitesurfing in the ideal conditions of the Canary Islands
 Train in safe wind conditions with an expert instructor
 Improve your skills if you’re already an experience kitesurfer
 Theory and action  Different levels & teaser sessions available

Price: 90.00€ 80.00€

stand up paddle surf sup

 Visit the south and west coast of Gran Canaria from various points of view
 Experience and master the most ancient kind of surfing
 Ride waves or paddle on the blue waters in the ideal conditions of Gran Canaria
 Theory and action  Different levels & teaser sessions available

Price: 60.00€ 55.00€

WindSurfing Course

 Learn windsurfing in Pozo Izquierdo, a favorite international windsurfing spot
 Enjoy lessons four hours of theoretical and practical windsurfing lessons
 Spend the rest of the day riding waves across the clear blue water
 Theory and action  Different levels & teaser sessions available

Price: 80.00€ 75.00€

surfGranCanaria Online

gran canaria kitesurf news

We are happy to share our launch of SurfGranCanaria.com with you.
Stay tuned as we update the site frequently and talk all about the surfing activities such as paddlesurf,kitesurfing and windsurfing on Gran Canaria.
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