Gran Canaria surf map

Gran Canaria surf map

surf map in gran canaria
Are you coming to surf to Gran Canaria? Want to know the variety of spots that the island has for you?

In Gran Canaria you need a surf map, as we have spots all over the island, in tourist areas or little traffic beaches, on sandy or rocky beaches, with large soft waves or tides... the island has a beach suitable for every surfer. Surf Gran Canaria shows you will learn how to prepare the best surf map yourself.

In Bahía de El Confital, northeast of the island, you can find beaches like El Lloret, Las Monjas, El Confital, La Barra and La Cicer. El Lloret is, along with El Confital, the best wave in the northeast, you should be prudent at this beach if you are not experienced enough, because in the bigger days it can end up at the jetties. Las Monjas is a beach, for many, with the best wave of Gran Canaria, ideal for advanced level surfers.

La Barra is a beach with strong waves of small size, while La Cícer has variety of waves depending on the area in which you surf.

Other areas in Gran Canaria to prepare your surf map:

In the northern part of the island you will also find a variety of beaches. The spot of El Puertillo is frequented mainly by local surfers and bodyboarders. At Quintanilla beach you can surf better when the tide is empty, but high and low tides can be surfed there. The beach of La Caleta is visited by surfers of all levels, as well as San Andres, who has, along with El Vagabundo, the best beach wave in the area. El Picacho is considered a slab (massive wave with a large body of water, very irregular that brokes in difficult access areas, funds reef or rocks, so they are very dangerous). El Roque has gentle waves perfect for all levels. In El Altillo surfers can do better when the tide is half or empty, and on the beach in El Paso or Soledad do not trust, as the waves carry much water and you can drag. In El Bunker you will sail with all tides, and El Circo provides a short wave collection where you can have a lot of fun.

Going south, Gran Canaria’s surf map changes… as the wind and tides become different.

To the southeast, you can enjoy the beaches of Juan Grande, La Central, Well Left, Right Well, Iodine and La Mosca Point. Juan Grande offers fun waves on a windy area. La Central is a good choice on windy days, works full tide. Derecha de Pozo and Izquierda de Pozo are ideal for surfing in winter, when the trade winds are softened. El Yodo is also a great beach for the winter, which is better tide sail empty. And Mosca Point is probably the best wave in the area, and therefore the most visited one.

In the south of Gran Canaria we can also find good surfing beaches. Maspalomas is one of the best right of the island on its good days. Playa del Ingles is a great beach to get started in the sport, or to enjoy a wonderful day of sand and surf. And in Arguineguin can surf surfers of all levels, ideally with half tide or low tide.

Did you choose your Gran Canaria surf map? See you at sea!

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