Surf shop in Gran Canaria

Surf shop in Gran Canaria

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If you decide to surf in Gran Canaria, you must know that with us you will have all the equipment you need to practise your favourite sport. In Gran Canaria Surf Shop you can buy as much as you want or rent your equipment. We offer the best quality and price.

To surf in Gran Canaria you need very little equipment. At our surf shop and school, we can supply your every need.

* Surf board.
You must choose your table based on your level. If you are a beginner, you'll need a long board, thick and wide, as this will provide greater stability and buoyancy. However, if you already have an advanced level, we recommend a small table, thin and narrow to do all sorts of maneuvers at sea. Also important is the size of the waves, the table must be longer as the waves are bigger.

There are nine basic types of boards:
  • 1. The Tow-in - designed to catch waves towed by a jet ski. Tables are smaller and narrower, requiring a medium-high surf and lots of practice.
  • 2. The Fish board - made for small and medium waves, low power, ideal when we have waves of poor quality.
  • 3. The Retro - a short board, which is inspired by the boards of the 70s. It is a thick board that needs medium or small to medium waves. A small and strong board that provides great performance at sea.
  • 4. The Shortboard- the most common one, with its more evolved design, a versatile table that requires a medium wave to achieve its potential.
  • 5. The Evolutionary board – the best choice to get started in the surf. It is larger and thicker than the shortboard, with a design that makes it easy to paddle and surf the waves from the first moment.
  • 6. The Malibu or Mini Longboard- a great choice; rounded, with good buoyancy. It is an easy and stable paddle board making it a suitable starter board.
  • 7. The Table Gun -has sharp tip and tail, specially made for big wave surfing. It requires a high level of competence to use this table.
  • 8. The Longboard- a large table with round toe, ideal for small, medium and big waves and also when the surfer is experienced.
  • 9. Stand Up Paddle Board- a thick, wide board, which is a fun choice to use in small waves.

* Wetsuit – Recommended as the waters can be cold even though the weather is often ideal, to provide thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy. * Surfboard leash – the leg rope/cord that attaches a surfboard to the surfer, must be used to prevent the surfboard from being swept away by waves and to stop runaway surfboards from hitting other surfers and swimmers.
* Keel- at the helm of the table. This allows you to turn the table and to remain stable.
* Paraffin- a waxy material used on the top of the table to prevent the feet from slipping.
* Grip- made from rubber, sticks to the table to prevent slipping. The grip can be combined with or replaced by paraffin.

Contact Gran Canaria Surf Shop & School with any queries or concerns to ensure your surfing experience is authentic and unforgettable.

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