Surf forecast in Gran Canaria

Surf forecast in Gran Canaria

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For a great day of surfing is important to make a surf forecast in Gran Canaria before going to your favorite surf spot. In our surf school we have always updated the surf forecast, so that every day we go to the spot we are pretty sure that we will find the best weather and waves for your surfing.

To make a surf forecast various elements must be analyzed.

The isobar maps are those we usually see when they give the weather forecast on TV. They are show the atmospheric pressure at sea level. The map lines are called isobars, and indicate the points on the sea surface that have the same atmospheric pressure. If lines on an isobar map are too close, this means that the pressure change much at those close points, creating a channel through which the wind flows. The separation between isobars and latitude are what make the wind change. For example, if two storms are alike, which is closer to Ecuador will have stronger winds.

On our section Surf Forecast Gran Canaria we show you how the weather maps work according to our matter: surfing.

The tidal maps allow us to predict which waves have several days in advance, and provide the most important in predicting waves. These maps divide the sea into painted zones each with a color, which represents the height of the waves. It also has arrows indicating which direction the waves take.

The period between waves is the time that goes among one wave and the next. It is important when surfing, because, especially in some beaches, this is what marks the surf cleaning. If the period between waves is large we will have ordered and hard ones, as they would have been formed far away from the coast and taken a long time scouring the sea. To surf on a reef is very important to look at what is the period between waves. Surfing on that situation is suitable from 10 seconds.

The wind maps show the direction and strengh of the wind. It is important to know how the wind is going to be, as we might have some beautiful waves and an ideal wave period but the crossed wind stops our surfing day. Can you imagine?

In addition to the surf forecast in Gran Canaria, we must know how are the surf spots where we are, specially what is the wind orientation and in which way the waves break. Then we will know if the surf goes straight or covered by ports or rocks... and if the wind blows onshore, offshore or crossover.

Also keep in mind if at the beach that we go there are buildings or cliffs that can stop or slow the wind.

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