Surf school in Gran Canaria

 Surf school in Gran Canaria

Surf school in Gran Canaria
Our Surf School in Gran Canaria was born as a result of our passion for surfing and the desire we have to share this exciting sport.

We are committed to delivering expert tuition to our students. Our ethos values and respects nature, thus creating a community of people who enjoy the sea and the freedom provided by a surfboard.

Our school has a team characterised by professionalism and experience. In addition, we provide all the equipment you need for your surf learning, whatever your level.

Everyday we strive to make our classes fun and safe by teaching our students the skills to enjoy surfing in a fun and easy way. Our intention in our surf school is to get our students to join the big family of surfers in the world and experience the freedom provided by the surf.

If you've never surfed, this is your moment! We teach from complete beginner level, experienced instructors explain all the steps, safety precautions and equipment required to get started. Everything you might need on a surf school. Beginner students learn initially how to paddle on flat water and are given the knowledge of types of waves and tides, etc. You will also learn where you enter the water, how to sit on the table, or how to paddle and stand up with a good technique to surf.

If you've surfed before, but need support or guidance to improve your style, or you want to learn how to get more power or more control etc we can teach you! We can help you raise your level of surfing in a very short time, improve your knowledge in the areas of wave power, or what is the ideal body position to be on the table, help increase your confidence and understanding of your surf gear. Once you have finished your course you can surf independently, practising and improving.

We also offer private individual tuition, to ensure faster 100% personalised learning taking into account your ability level.

Our courses at the surf school include tuition, all equipment, tables for each level, booties, wetsuit, Liability Insurance and transfers to beaches.

You have no time to lose, this is your moment to come to Gran Canaria to relax and enjoy your time doing what you wish. If you are a surf lover, whatever your leve lis, book at our surf school and you will become an expert!

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ey People!
If you hit this website to find a good surfing school you may stop now.
This is the GREAT one!
It may sound like and advertisement but this is how I want to thank you for my very first step at surfing:-).
It was AWESOME! Muchas Gracias Paul ;-) Magda, Scotland.

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