Surf spots in Gran Canaria

Surf spots in Gran Canaria

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Few places in the world have so many different spots to surf like Gran Canaria. That's why many great surfers, among them world champions, come to Gran Canaria to train and enjoy the waves. Because people who know best of this sport always recommend coming to Gran Canaria to practice it. And not just for the surf areas that Gran Canaria offers like spots, also for its people, warm and close, restaurantes, culture, hotels, shopping centers and leisure...

Here in Gran Canaria you will find surf spots at many beaches, at any time of the year, many of them being hidden beaches, deserted and with little traffic. There are other surf spots in touristic beaches too.

You can also choose a beach with small waves or big waves with right or left, and with winds from any direction. In Gran Canaria the trade winds blow hard in summer and in winter are much more softened, that will give you a unique surfing experience, different depending on the time of year you come.

Best of all is that Gran Canaria offers spots for all levels. You have beaches that surfers can enjoy all levels, like those of Arguineguin, Bocabarranco, Juan Grande, La CĂ­cer, Playa del Hombre, Los enanos, Quintanilla or Vagabundos.

If you are an experienced surfer, you can go to surf in Gran Canaria at some spots like Mosca Point, La Barra, Emiliano, El Picacho, El Lloret or El Confital. Professional Surfers always choose the beaches of Medio Ahogado and Soledad.

If you want to enjoy the best wave of the island you must go to El Confital, northeast of Gran Canaria (in the capital city). It is a beach with a powerful right, simple down and powerful insight. A beach where many people come to practice watersports in the island, so you should need to respect others as the space becomes more limited. Ideal conditions for surfing at this beach are west and tidal power medium-high.

One of the most famous beaches of the island is Maspalomas, situated in a great tourist area in the south. This beach is suitable for all levels and all tides. If you want to avoid the wind, sail in the early hours. This beach will provide a different experience as its a surf beach for Gran Canaria tourism and spots are limited too.

And if you want a less touristy spot, you should go to Playa del Hombre, in the southeast of the island. It is a beach with sandy bottom ideal for beginners, where you'll find the best waves on this corner of the island.

As you can see, Gran Canaria has it all and for all, do you dare to find out yourself?

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