Surfing in Gran Canaria

Surfing in Gran Canaria

surf in gran canaria
Who told you that you can not surf in Gran Canaria?

Nobody choose for you. If you love this watersport, come with us and find everything you need to practice your favourite sport.

Come when you want, even if fall or winter is the best time to surf, good weather hardly ever leaves the island.

You will find the perfect waves and wind, book with Surf Gran Canaria to get all the information you want about where to surf, how to reach the spots or where to camp in the island.

Our school is ready for basic, intermediate or high level surfers. There you will find the best formed coaches who will give you advice about the best conditions to surf.

We take you to the spots depending on your level (winds and currents are different from north to south of the island), our coaches will suggest you the most appropriate beaches for you.

Are you ready to find out why surfing is a sport that can not be left for life?

Surfing in the Canary Islands is a privilege, fall and winter seasons being more consistent and offering better winds for surfing. Gran Canaria has an exceptional climate from October to January with averages around 23 ° C. This makes it a perfect destination for those who want to escape the cold and enjoy surfing in Gran Canaria.

Want to discover the surf in Gran Canaria and meet the waves?

We take you to the best surf spots in the island, quality different spots spread all over the coast. We know the entire coast and the best conditions required for each type of surf spot on the island. Fortunately there are no secrets in Gran Canaria for us . We will recommend you the best options, come and find them all!

At night , staying at our surf camp you will enjoy the nightlife in the city or share the experience of the day with the others.

There are different entertainment options for after a good surf session in Gran Canaria:

A few beers next to the beach to have fun with your friends and with local people , dinner at any international restaurant, leaving quietly concerts glasses air ( route every Saturday), with some tapas and kebabs on Thursdays in the old plan Vegueta or in clubs for younger revelers .

Want the sea and practicing extreme sports? Live your passion on your holidays choosing your destination under the major surf spots.

Gran Canaria . Take the longest beaches, all with fine whis one of the best places in Europe to challenge the waves. You will be also able to enjoy the white sand, and surf the possibilities offered at all levels.

Powerful waves and major pitfalls await you throughout the year, making this island an ideal surf destination.

Come to Surf Gran Canaria and dare to surf the best waves!

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